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Hello! Welcome to my tumblelog, which is kinda like a blog but with short-form, mixed-media posts of stuff I like, stuff I love, things I believe in and everything I stand for.

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"Anyone who is more concerned about a pregnant child being hurt by contraceptives than they are about that child being raped, pregnant, and forced instead to undergo an abortion or a full-term pregnancy and delivery, is living in a silly, stupid, unserious bubble of self-deceit, and no one should listen to anything they have to say on the subject of reproductive rights ever again."

Melissa McEwan, Shakesville 


“I approached the pharmacy near the rear of the store and my pulse quickened as I noticed a man and a woman in white lab coats behind the counter. Please don’t let it be the guy, I silently hoped. I imagined him picturing me having sex and thinking that I’m easy, a slut. Like an obese person wheezing as they ask for their blood pressure medication, while everyone muffles their condescending giggle.

The female pharmacist, a brunette with plastic rim glasses who looks only a few years older than me, approached the pick-up side and I felt calmer, yet still awkwardly muttered, “Uh, I guess” when she asked if I was indeed picking up. I tried to exude confidence, like I had done nothing wrong as I said, “I need Plan B.” I’d been with the same guy for six months and my writing career has been driven by the need to promote a sex-positive society. What was coming over me?”


Girl Talk: I Took Plan B - The Frisky (via thefrisky)

I sadly felt the exact same way when I went to get mine.